Diana Cosplay: Part 2 (Making a Bustier)

Hello Everyone,

Here is a little part of my Diana clothing cosplay progress. I decided to do a part on how to make my bustier since many people asked about my Shyvana bustier cosplay. I will be doing a full body suit underneath the armor. It is a bit comlicated I tried my best in doing a sort of beginner tutorial for those who know nothing about pattern making or sewing. Its not professional but it should be enough t get you through making a good buster =).  Here are screenshots of the steps, the video is at the end:

Create the pattern. If you have no pattern to follow, go buy a pattern close as possible to what you want. and then modify it:

1 LayDianaPattern

The some of the piece are on fold so that it opens up without a seam:

3DianaPatternOpenHere is the part where I start creating the pattern for the Bustier. I took a screenshot of the model from LoLKing. You can see what the design looks like, So I tried to copy it onto the pattern:


You need to drape fabric on a molded cup to get the right shape:


After you have the right shape from the fabric you can transfer it to paper. Don’t forget to add seam allowance!

2DianaTransferNext I highly recommend a sample! Even my sample isn’t perfect after 4 years of sewing -_-. There are always small adjustments. So anything weird on the sample just fix on paper for the final.

3DianaSampleMake sure to do the whole sample to make sure everything fits. It would suck to waste fabric and all the time and effort for it not to fit properly! So here is the final front sample. It’s pretty ugly with the colours XD. I was just using fabric lying around. I’m hoping the rest of this sample works out.

4DianaFullSampleCheck the video for more explanation.

If you have an questions about making patterns or sewing just ask below. It’s really hard to explain everything and show everything. Sewing and pattern making takes practise so don’t get discouraged. The key is trial and error and samples!


2 thoughts on “Diana Cosplay: Part 2 (Making a Bustier)

  1. Very cool to watch! And super fascinating. Maybe I’d try it out someday when I get more time. You are really talented.

    The colors on the sample, you could wear a horned helmet and go watch the Minnesota Vikings in it. *laugh*

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