Steam (free) game – Warframe

Hello GGG Readers!

I know I haven’t been playing “games” lately… But, recently I’ve been chatting with my friend on Steam since he doesn’t do any of SNS (social network service) such as Facebook, etc. This is the friend who I played Tera with (you can read about my Tera post here and here). Seriously, I haven’t played Tera ever since I made the second blog about it… because I’m stuck at this level whether I need to party with people to kill bosses or do other quests easier. I don’t really party with random people… I did before but it’s not as fun as partying with your friends.

Anyways, as I was chatting with my friend on Steam… since we both had L4D2, we were playing that… (I have a blog post about L4D2 as well in here)

Then, we found this free game called Warframe. You need to make an account on their website as well additionally but whatever, it’s free lol



There’s three classes you can choose from. Mine carries two guns (primary and secondary) with a sword. Sword is for close-up battles.

Basically, you go to planets to do missions… It’s futuristic looking, kind of reminds me of Tron but not really? Hrm.

There is dullness in colour contrast wise, but movement and action wise it reminded me of Crysis. I did few missions with my friends; to be honest, I liked left4dead more than Warframe. Maybe, it’s because of the colour or different types of zombies that appears… or I just like killing zombies, don’t know lol.

Since it’s free, doesn’t hurt you to try it out… I like or don’t like? I don’t have an opinion yet, it’s just meh for me. I don’t mind playing more.

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