Miss Fortune Cosplay Part 2

Hi GGG Readers,

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I am back with part two of my Miss Fortune Cosplay.  I have finished my top and I have started on my hat.  I still have a lot to do, and I feel like I am running out of time.  My guns are coming along as well. My next post should focus again on my gun progress.

Miss Fortune’s Top

In order to make Miss Fortune’s top (if you can call it a top LOL) I bought a bra from La Senza.  It is a white lace strapless bra.  I wanted to make sure the bra was lace in order to give it more detail.  I then bought faux leather fabric from fabric land.  This fabric was actually found in the section that is used to make drapery, curtains, and other things.  It wasn’t in the regular clothing material section.  I then took the following steps to make the top:

1)   I first cut out triangles that fit perfect onto the bra cups

2)   I then cut a shape that would fit perfectly under and around the cups.

3)    I hand stitched on the triangles first, and then the bottom piece.

4)   I then cut out two rectangular pieces that are the same height as my bottom piece.  I hand stitched this onto the sides of the bottom piece.  I made sure that these pieces were not attached to the actual back of the bra.  This is so that you can still stretch and hook the bra on in the back.  These rectangular pieces will then lay on top.  The back is attached with black velcro that was also bought at fabric land.

5)   Next, the detail was added at the top of the bra cups.  This was made by purchasing a white lace trim and black ribbon.  I cut slots into the lace trim, and the black ribbon was weaved through to give that striped effect.  This was then hand stitched onto the top of the bra.

6)   I then created my own bow with the same faux black leather material.  This was hand stitched together and then onto the top.  I then added a gold/black button to hide the stitching and give it a more finished look.

7)   Lastly, the arm straps were sewn on.  The material I used isn’t stretchy, so I had to make sure these were long enough so I could lift my arms.   The problem is now when my arms are down, they hang pretty low.  Oh wells!

Cutting out first leather pieces

Cutting out first leather pieces

Pieces sewn on initially.

Pieces sewn on initially.



Ribbon added

Ribbon added

Bow and Button

Bow and Button

Final with arm straps

Final with arm straps

I might still add some detail onto the top.  Not sure yet.  It is not in the splash page, but I think it will add more to the look.  I’m thinking of adding a gold pattern along the side bands of the top.  I guess I’ll decide later.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and stay tuned for more updates on my cosplay progress.  I should have a tutorial on my hat shortly as well.
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