Muse Concert in Toronto 2013

Hello GGG followers,

Listening to: Survival – Muse

So, if any have you noticed I have been MIA on glamorous gamer girls. I apologize to my followers. I was in the process of moving and hadn’t realized how much time moving actually takes. Everything has now been sorted and I’m glad to say that I will be returning to my Friday posts.

For my boyfriend’s birthday we celebrated his belated birthday by attending his favourite band, Muse. They were simply amazing! If you’re into Muse and have a chance to see them I will have to say that you will be attending one of the most outstanding performances you could ever experience.


This was the beginning shot of their concert. We were to the left of the band at the very top venue at the Toronto ACC Center


Slowly a screens of TVs descended from the ceiling forming a pyramid


The pyramid changed from multiple colours: red, orange, blue


The pyramid ascended into the ceiling and the band emerged from under it, rocking out!





The audience request for an encore by lighting their phones. The band belted out their final performance, Survival from their latest album The 2nd Law

This was their opening performance of the night, Supremacy from their latest album The 2nd Law

Muse were electrifying! Sometimes I felt like I was watching a music video. It felt almost surreal. The fans were head banging, air guitaring, and bass pumping to the music and I was doing the same! My second favourite concert I’ve ever been to.

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“Greatness dies, unsung and lost, invisible to history. Embedded spies brainwashing our children to be mean.” – Muse


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