Anime North 2013: Diana cosplay update

Helllllo Everyone,

UPDATE: Sorry for those who were looking forward to seeing me at Anime North. My body suit ended up ripping and I was unable to get access to anything to fix it :(. I only came Saturday in all black in part costume. So sorry to disappoint everyone :(. I was pretty disappointed myself. I will fix my costume later on in the summer and post full body photos. END UPDATE.

Probably my last post before Anime North. Things have been pretty hectic so I’m not where I want to be.  It is Wednesday night and I have the convention on Friday, but I am not panicking yet. I think there is something wrong with me XD. Might be due to some people bailing and stuff. Kinda makes me poopy and unmotivated to keep working :(.

I will post videos and later details after the convention. I don’t really have time to edit them and upload them. Anyways here is where I am with my armor:

2013-05-22 21.31.39

They were suppose to be done drying today so I could spray paint but I left it in a damp basement -_-. I still thought it would dry okay over night, but it didn’t. I will have to pull an all nighter tomorrow XD. My weapon just needs spray painting. So far I’m pretty happy with it:

2013-05-22 19.16.07  At least my body suit is done. I’m pretty happy with it. I added a lot of hidden detail. I hope it is worth it in the end, It is pretty hard to sew.
2013-05-18 10.38.48
So the stuff I have left to do is spray paint everything, and sew the back part and skirt thing. I have school all day tomorrow so that means spray paint tomorrow night and sew Friday morning -_-. I also found perfect shoes for it! It looks exactly like it, I just have to glue the armor on it:

2013-05-19 20.30.23

If you haven’t already seen on our facebook page here is the Malzahar cosplay going with us! As well as a borderlands mask which will also be cosplayed by Nocturne (The same one last year).

MalzCosplay2013-05-19 23.27.16Anyways I hope to see you guys there!  We love to talk to followers so don’t be shy! See you then XP.


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