Blade & Soul – part 3

Hello GGG Readers!

As I promised a video…. I could not edit it because apparently, the file was too big? It was 1hr 45min worth and it wouldn’t let me edit through Sony Vegas Pro. I’m truly very sorry about this T_T;

I also tried to edit through Windows Media Player and WMP Trimmer Plugin 2.1 but the file wasn’t supported.

Anywho, I’ll upload more pics then.


^ When you die, you have 3 options, either to meditate to be revived, ask for help, or just revive quickly.

When you choose just reviving, especially when you’re fighting a boss, you need to restart from the beginning.

And, when you meditate, if you get hit by a monster you’ll die and has to restart. So, it’s safer to meditate out of the way.스크린샷_130515_007

^ This is me meditating


^ Sitting down; when you eat something your character sits down (not available during combat mode)


^ Doing one of my cool moves, I’m in the air!

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One thought on “Blade & Soul – part 3

  1. definitely want to try blade and soul when it comes out in the US! the art is too gorgeous – it reminds me of calligraphy and traditional east asian painting~

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