Bug? at Blade & Soul – part 6


Hello GGG Readers!

Here are some bugs that I found at B&S.


^ Party members are labelled as blue dots in mini-maps, and league members are labelled as green dots. My friend said “brb” and he just appeared in front of me… but in mini-map, he wasn’t. (Fact: the white arrow is me)

스크린샷_130614_000^ While doing story quest (yellow ones), I clicked on this huge pot to gather? or pour? I forgot what I was doing… but right after, the evil lady 진서연 Su-yeon Jin appears and puts a magic lock on me… And, there I am… at a wall… sitting weird… another bug, perhaps?

Further note, I was gonna post about some NPC who represents few celebrities and k-drama characters…. but I figured not… assuming a lot of readers for GGG aren’t Korean fanatics? Let me know, I’ll post next week if there are any.

p.s. The new game The Last of Us is out… for only PS3 which sucks… It’s a realistic zombie game because you get to fight with other human beings… I mean, if you think about it… that could happen when people panic. Went to EB Games today, and saw the game was made from Sony… and figured that’s the reason why it was only available in PS3. Hope it comes out for PC since I don’t own any console.

p.s.s. My friend is selling Xbox 360 Elite for $200 (I think that includes about 14 games). If anyone’s interested, leave comments in the below!

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