New grill @ annual BBQ

Hello GGG Readers!

Enough of B&S talk right? LOL

My friends and I held our traditional annual BBQ (because his parents goes on vacation every year in summer – without him).

The grill we used before weren’t in a good shape so we’ve decided to invest in a new one.

The old grill used propane gas, but now we can grill with charcoal.



This is the result: so now I can stand to grill instead of crouching/sitting asian style.

Remind you, I had breakfast at home before meeting my friends… We shopped at Ocean’s, Wal-mart and T&T for the grill, food, vegetables, etc.

We were too hungry so we had some dim sum.

dim sum @ t&t


I was actually kinda full by this point but gotta eat at a BBQ!



We made avocado salad, mashed potatoes, mushroom, steak, cheese sausage for round 1!

Round 2 contained beef balls, fish balls grilled with honey and corns. We forgot to grill pineapples because we were too full. I couldn’t move because I was too full and couldn’t drink any more alcohol (which is an outrage). We skipped burgers this year and moved to steak, and tried out the new grill so there has been a huge change this summer. Can’t wait for the next one!

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