Ring Fetish

Hello everyone,

I was suppost to post my cosplay video, but its not working out at the moment, hopefully it will be up next week. Again apologizing for the lack of posts and updates but things have been super busy with me. Those who are following me, my cat mentioned on my previous post was actually put down last week. The cancer ended up becoming more aggressive and came back worse and there was nothing we could do :(. So I’ve been pretty down, but I’m feeling better and I will be returning with better and more frequent posts.

RingIntroI’ve got a small ring collection going on for this summer XD. Its probably the only accessory that I’ve liked and bought this year. Most of the time I get too lazy to wear jewelery but I’m loving them this  year.

2013-07-04 19.11.59The gold cat came in black and silver from Etsy. I got it as a gift so I’m not sure exactly who supplies and how much, but I know it’s from Etsy. The full skull finger ring is from the Downtown Toronto store called Drama Queen on 319 Queen st west. I got it for $15, which I thought was a pretty reasonable price. Looks more pricy online, I think you are better off browsing in person DX.2013-07-04 19.13.54The full finger gold one is from Aldo Accessories. I can’t remember what I paid but I think it was definitely over $10. The charm ring was a gift from a New York city thrift shop. It is hard to tell but its a ring with all the Yves Saint Laurent pendants. I love it, but mostly wear it as a necklace instead since there is a lot.

2013-07-04 19.10.45The double ring is from forever 21, it was 99 cents. I like it but I can see why it was so cheap, but it’s still nice to have in my collection. My favorite ring of all time is the antlers. I got it at Pacific Mall for $15. It’s super cute and I’m wearing it right now XD.

Anyways that is my current ring collection. I know there are so many that I want from online, but I never order cause I’m too lazy to wait 1-2 months and I feel like they could be cheap. Hard to say DX, but I might try ordering the really cheap ones online one day.

Hope all is well, and will have cosplay updates soon.


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