‘The Last Of Us’ Review

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So, the craze in the Playstation world is the newly sold out game ‘The Last Of Us’. I had mentioned three posts prior that I had purchased and had begun playing it. I had finished the game about half a week ago and I absolutely loved it! I don’t think I have any complaints about it but I’ll leave a review nonetheless. I’ll leave out major plot lines to avoid spoilers.




The primary playable character. He begins in a quarantine zone 20 years after the outbreak fighting against the Cordycep zombies and infected. He’s a reclusive character, keeping his past to himself and is jaded from those who attempt to connect with him. He is first shown partnered with a character known as Tess then quickly teamed up with a girl named, Ellie. Soon after, the threesome dissolve to a partnership between Joel and Ellie where the two must travel throughout the country avoiding Cordyceps, infected, hunters, the Fireflies (an anti-government militia group), and cannibals.



A temporary playable character. Ellie is first seen attempting to attack Joel as self defence. She was born after the outbreak and is a curious character. She has normal characteristics of a child like wanting to learn how to whistle, etc. *spoiler* Ellie is soon discovered as immune to the infection having a bite from an infected for over three weeks old. *end spoiler* And with this knowledge, Joel and Ellie attempt to find the Fireflies to find a cure.


TheLastOfUsWeaponsThroughout the game, Joel will gain a variety of weapons which are either found lying around or by death of an enemy. Joel is given a selection between short guns and  long weapons. Materials can be collected throughout your travels to develop items like smoke bombs, shrapnel bombs, shivs, first aids, etc. The materials can also be used to upgrade melee weapons but I find there’s not many choice in what to create unlike Dead Island.


TheLastOfUsCordycepCordycep zombies

After years of exposure to the infection, the infected turn into these Cordycep zombies that can only hear their prey rather than see. Cordyceps are of a fungi species that latches onto the host and eventually invades the host’s body and proceeds to ravage and infect others through bites. The most effective way to kill a Cordycep  is to sneak up to the Cordycep and with using a shiv, Joel will strike the neck. You could also throw a bottle or brick in another direction to distract Cordycep from your direction. You can choose to shoot the zombie but keep in mind that the shot will create a loud sound and most likely will attract other Cordyceps and infected. Be conscious of your surroundings because if grabbed by the Cordycep there is no use, you will die!



The infected are simply your average zombie. They are within the early stages of infection not yet succumb to the full invasion of Cordyceps but can be just as vicious. Unlike the Cordyceps, the infected still have their sight and can still spot you. Fortunately, killing an infected is much easier than Cordyceps. Joel can even sneak from behind and strangle the infected to death.



Bloaters are evolved Cordyceps. They’re not very fast but  they throw bombing pollen which decreases your health and obscures your vision. I say that the most effective way to defeat these creatures is by fire. So, use the molotov and the flame thrower for this creature. Be sure to stay away from them because once they get a hold of you they will rip your head apart!



Other survivors who no longer “carry the fire”. Most survivors attack immediately to protect their grounds, to steal, and some for cannibalism. Defeating hunters is fairly easy. You will also have to go against a tank that the hunters had stolen from The Fireflies.

Online Gameplay

Like Uncharted this game provides online gameplay. I haven’t played online yet but my boyfriend has and is filling me in on the details.

Each play splits players into two groups with a maximum of four teammates per team. Each game randomly pairs each team with different rankings. Before playing the game, you can either choose to modify your own weapon or choose from a selection of weapons. When playing, the teams play against each other in a fight of survival. Each team is given 20 rounds. Once each teammate is killed, the team decreases by 1 round until one of the teams lose by loss of all 20 rounds or until time is up! The point is to kill or be killed!

Con: random selection of rankings. When playing with random teammates, the online play will pick random rankings. For example, you can be teamed against a high ranking opponent as a rookie. This makes it more difficult to rank up higher faster.

My rating: 9.8/10

I honestly, have no complaints with gameplay, controls, or graphics. The storyline was really well-written and executed and the scare factor is high. I love The Last Of Us and I hope you feel the same.

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“Play on playa” – Nas


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