Animal Crossing: New Leaf 40,000 Point House

Hi Guys,

Here is an update on my Animal Crossing house! Okay, I lied in the title, I’m pretty much at 40,000 points:

HNI_0070Here is the front of my house, I also got planted perfect apple trees. You just need to find one and then start planting them all so you can get lots of money from them!

HNI_0069Here is my first room, when you first walk in. I got a lot of points from the cat dolls.

HNI_0072Here is my astro room! This is my room on the right side. The moon was 38,000 DX… I really wanted it and saw it from a street pass.HNI_0071Here is my back room which was hard to show everything. I have some fossil models that are worth a lot of points. You find all the pieces and get them put together at retail.HNI_0077Here is my room on the left. Its my fruit room DX… Its hard to find more fruit furniture lately. HNI_0075Here is my second floor, which is a balloon/game room. Kind of boring, I am thinking of changing it..

HNI_0078Here is my basement which is not very exciting DX. Apparently it doesn’t count as ur home score. Not sure if that’s true, just heard that from a friend.

HNI_0079 If you are wondering I get a lot of my money from the island. I get the bugs on the tropical tree and just catch those. I usually get 300,000 from each trip. That is why my house is pretty expanded.

HNI_0051Here is a photo of me and Boss Emily at the club XD. Later on u need to get signatures from your citizens to open a club. It’s pretty cute cause you can dance with the arrow pads.

HNI_0057Anyways, hope you enjoyed my house. Just wanted to share because I love seeing other peoples houses too. Some people with street pass hide their rooms, and I don’t know why! Maybe cause they don’t want to share :(.

Till Next time~


3 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: New Leaf 40,000 Point House

  1. I collect all the fruit. I love this game so much that you recommend. Sections little difficult but fun. The last level is the most beautiful in my opinion. Thanks cute sauce and GGG.

  2. Wow I’m so jelly of your house. Mine is ugly and a hoarder house. LOL

    Can you tell when your fruit is a perfect one?
    I had one a long time ago when I first started, but then I sold it! Trying to find another one, but I don’t want to go around and shake all my trees.

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