Softball tournament

Hello GGG Readers!

Along with poor practice in softball, it was our tournament day on Saturday, August 10th. In our first league, there’s 3 games…. Our result was 0 win 3 losses. T_T;

It was fun times though, because we had kalbi for lunch! outdoor bbq!

I was a hitter for first and third game, only came in Home during 3rd game.

softball team


The next day, went to see the Blue Jays game against Oakland Athletics. It was a day when they were giving out Brett Lawrie bobblehead!

The game’s at 1pm, the door opens at 11am, so we got there around 1130?

We lined up and GOT IT!

lawrie bobblehead


It was my first time receiving those promotion days… I missed twice before because I went late. They were giving it out to first 20,000 fans who walks in.

There’s a toque giveaway event on September but don’t know if I’ll go to that.

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