Europe Trip: Paris

Europe trip: Paris, Florence, Rome and Santorini.

Hello!! Long time no post O_O. I was actually on a Europe trip for the past two weeks and a half! I had to put my cosplay and gaming stuff on hold. I’ll do a post per city and show you my photos and highlights from the trip =).

The first destination was Paris!

2013-08-15 23.55.46We of course went up the Eiffel Tower and the view is amazing.  It’s pretty touristy but I still think you should go up there at least once in your life DX.

2013-08-16 11.51.52The best thing about Paris is that the macaroons. They are really good regardless where you get them, but there are definitely better than the ones in Canada XD.

2013-08-15 14.09.55The desserts are also really good desserts in Paris. I didn’t get to try these ones but they look so good DX.

2013-08-15 14.09.34The best restaurant I went to in Paris was L’Opera. Every dish that I had I loved. It was reasonably priced, and we paid more in another restaurant and it still wasn’t as good.2013-08-16 19.48.12

Here is a picture of part of the menu. I only took the picture to remember what I ordered, but I guess this would be nice to see the price range of the food. Don’t forget this is in Euros XD.

2013-08-16 19.52.28I ended up ordering the king crab Risotto. Usually I don’t like risotto, but this one was so good! Chunks of crap and lots of flavor XD.

2013-08-16 20.42.53NinjaBunni3s got a duck fois gras and it was so good. I thought It would be weird with strawberries but it was a really surprising match. Sorry We started eating it before I remembered to take a photo DX.

2013-08-16 20.24.14 Anyways that’s it for Paris. Next post will be about Florence =).


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