Europe Trip: Rome

Europe trip: Paris, Florence, Rome and Santorini.

Hello Everyone!!  Here is the third part of my series of traveling highlights.

The Third destination was Rome!2013-08-22 12.41.32

The Colosseum was actually worth the line up. It’s really interesting to see the outside and inside architecture.

2013-08-22 13.34.19The was obviously the landmark of Rome, but the food was really good here as well! The best restaurant of Rome was this Berzitello restaurant.


The appetizer from this restaurant was amazing! it was fish balls, but not the Asian style. With the sun dried tomatoes, it was so good I wanted to order more DX.

2013-08-21 22.00.30The pasta with scampis was really flavorful. even though it doesn’t look like much taste in the photo. It tasted better than any shrimp tomato pasta I’ve ever had.

2013-08-21 22.34.27I asked the waiter to bring the best dessert they had and he brought me this! I don’t know what its called but its flaky and crispy. With the chocolate sauce and strawberries the combination was amazing. Sorry for the blurry picture XO.2013-08-21 23.32.20That was my highlight from Rome! The shopping was pretty good, but expensive so I didn’t buy much stuff in Rome.

The last destination is Santorini which will be the next post!


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