Miss Fortune Cosplay – Trillance Photography

Hi GGG Readers,

I just wanted to shared with you a photo from my photo shoot with Rocky from Trillance Photography.  He was amazing to work with and the photoshoot was extremely fun despite the weather conditions.  The day we were shooting was extremely windy out, so my wig and hat were flying all over the place.

Hope you enjoy !

Miss Fortune Cosplay

Miss Fortune Cosplay


5 thoughts on “Miss Fortune Cosplay – Trillance Photography

    • I took the post board from the dollar store. I cut two pieces that were the front and back of the hat. I created a cone that fit onto my head for the inside. I then glued the back and front onto the cone, and glued along the top edge. I then took the post board and added pieces for the sides and bottom of the hat.

      I cut the same pieces out of leather fabric and hot glue gunned it onto the hat very carefully.

      I finished the edge using hair weave glue (LOL). It dries black and shiny ish.

      To keep it onto my head, I used a hair extension clip, and sewed it into the inside of the hat. It was on long thread, and I can pull it out and clip it onto my wig.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  1. Sometimes, I get the inspiration to (finally) cosplay some character or other….then I see cosplay like this and my self-esteem gets shot lol

    Beautiful cosplay! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, that made my day 🙂

      I’m sure yours will turn out great too! Keep going, and feel free to ask us questions if you need any help

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