V Stripe White and Silver Manicure

Hi GGG readers,

Listening to: Take It Back – Breathe Carolina

Here’s a real simple tutorial for a silver and white manicure.


1. Paint white nail polish along the end of the nail in a triangle shape (sorry, I didn’t take a picture of the triangle shape nail polish)


2. Paint silver nail polish on scotch tape and let dry


3. Cut the scotch tape into a wide V. For a straight cut, simply fold the tape vertically in half and cut diagonally along the tape to create a V shape.


4. Apply the V shaped scotch tape with tweezers above the white nail polish


5. Apply a clear top coat along the nail and while still wet apply a square-cut clear gem. To apply the gem, dab a dotting tool or toothpick in clear top coat and press the gem above the point of the V.

6. Apply two layers of clear top coat


Here’s my design! Hope you like!

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