Europe Trip: Santorini

Europe trip: Paris, Florence, Rome and Santorini.

2013-08-23 19.06.07

Hello Everyone!!  Here is the last part of my series of my traveling highlights. Santorini was my last destination. It’s a small island off of Greece.

2013-08-24 10.07.27

The island was really cute and you could get from one end of the island to the other end with a scooter.

2013-08-25 19.59.58

The Waffle Corner was definitely my favorite place! I went there three times in 5 days -_-.. The breakfast was just so good! The waffles were delicious and there was a good variety there. Haha, I got so excited I ate a bit before I remembered to take a photo XD.

2013-08-28 11.30.47There was a cheap gyro place in the main street. I forget what its called, but its pretty busy and the gyro combo with coke is only 4 euros! It was really good, not dry and they put fries in it XD. It was the best Gyro I’ve ever had!

2013-08-23 23.50.58Another highlight was the Fish Spa! You put your feet in a tank of fish and they eat you dead skin XD… I must say they did a pretty good job, but i hated the feeling. my feet are too ticklish. I highly recommend try it out, even though i was a bit squirmish myself.

2013-08-26 23.12.01

I also went to a wedding, but its a bit too personal to post it :). I will tell you that its a pretty romantic island! Had a really good time traveling and experiencing new things. Hope you enjoyed my series!


2 thoughts on “Europe Trip: Santorini

    • Florence had the best clothing stores! Good prices and fashion! Its a small place but nice4 stuff in it :). Check out the sandwich place i went to, I loved it there. Santorini was nice to relax in. Nice weather, nice snack foods :)…

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