CocoRocha’s LoL Cosplay for AN14


Hello Everyone, I’ve been asking around lately but have had so many different answers. I really am leaning towards Lissandra because she seems like she would be cosplayed the least and the most interesting.  Jinx is a little naked for me but I’m willing to think it through. I also think that Jinx could be popular as a cosplay pick this year since she is new. Nami would be difficult for obvious reasons, but I was curious for what our followers thought.

As for My Diana cosplay, I will be redoing part of it. I have to get excited about it again which might be a while. For now I want to focus on a new project :).

So what do you think my next  cosplay should be for Anime North 2014? You can also suggest other champions  below in the comment section!


4 thoughts on “CocoRocha’s LoL Cosplay for AN14

  1. I’d say go for whatever can fit and suit your tastes, but challenge can be good too.
    I voted for Lissandra, since it seems less of a hassle/self embarrassment with near naked Jinx.

  2. Looks like I’m the only vote for Lissandra : /
    But, I believe it would be an awesome cosplay!
    Nami is a very interesting idea, but it would be really hard to make. Well, if I didn’t voted Lissandra, I would vote for Nami : D
    Anyway, I think you gonna find a way to make an amazing cosplay! Good luck with the new project : )

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