Final Fantasy XIV

Hello GGG Readers!

Long time no post from C1 Queen!

I’ve been busy here and there (started a new job), the hours are hectic.

The good news is… I’m back on gaming, YAY!~

So, I bought FFXIV it’s $29.99 (+tax) for the game and first month for free, and after that is $13 per month.

Yes, another MMORPG… I love ’em and can’t stop ’em.

ffxiv_09272013_013651 ffxiv_10112013_192454 ffxiv_10112013_192530 ffxiv_10112013_200216

I usually go for long range attack characters, but not healers -_-

Therefore, an archer.

I’m only level 20 so far, but after level 10 you can join other guilds to have multiple jobs to make and sell stuff.

I’ve tried fishing and cooking so far and the pics above is how it looks like to fish/cook.

It does take a while so you do have to put a lot of time and effort into this part of the game.

Yes, this is yet another PC game; however, I am playing it with PS3 controller (borrowed my friend’s). It’s still new to me but getting used to it. It helps me play Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (it was on sale at Steam) & Assassin’s Creed 3 (which was also on sale at Steam – but connected to Uplay).


Got this mechanical keyboard (used), and I’ll be switching to Asus gaming mouse so I’m all geared up.

If anything, I want a bigger monitor… thinking of either 37 or 39 inch. But, that ain’t gonna happen until next year or so LOL. I’ll try to post more pics and vids in my future posts.

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3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIV

  1. I love FFXIV!! I actually normally do range too, and also started with an archer. But I had the pre-order early release and ended up creating a new character because my server was too busy and having huge issues logging on. That one I tried pugilist, and then I was hooked on it.

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