Just Starting Pokemon Y


Oh hai everyone,

I got my Pokemon Y on Tuesday since it was pre-ordered, I had to wait till a business day. I haven’t gotten too far, I already know people who’ve caught their legendary Pokemon and practically beat the whole game -_- . I will show you my progress so far.

I wanted to get Fenneken as my starter pokemon, but Cutesauce so I picked Chespin. He was pretty cute, but then he evolved at level 16 and is a ball now. Not so cute -_-.

2013-10-17 20.57.56I also got a CHARMANDER! For those who hasn’t gotten that far, it’s a secret… also sorry for spoiler :(.

2013-10-17 20.58.12Here’s me in Lumiose City =D

IMG-20131017-WA0000Btw, apparently you aren’t suppose to save in Lumiose City. There’s a save glitch. For more info check this article. Look at my cute faceeeeee.IMG-20131017-WA0002Apparently not cute enough. I got kick out of this store. Stuck up girl, please.

IMG-20131017-WA0005I also got gang banged -_-. Running into a gang of Scraggys is the worst pokemon experience of my life. 5x  sand-attacks OP. I couldn’t hit any of my spells. I ended up running -_-.


I’m really happy they decided to include all the Pokemon. Well that’s what I’m assuming since I’ve seen past Pokemon in the tall grass. So that’s not very far! Too much mid terms going on.  I’m sure most of you know how I feel!

OH!!!! If anyone knows how to screenshot in Pokemon Y please tell me!


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