LoL Prop Templates: Riven, Diana and Katarina

Hello League cosplayers,

I made a post with three templates of the cosplays we have done, since someone requested the Diana template. I made a template for the original Riven sword, original Diana sword and original Katarina swords. These templates are sized for people around 5’7 tall. They may need to be adjusted smaller or bigger depending on your height.

I printed on letter sized sheets and tiled them so I could tape it together and then draw it on the foam board. Make sure to preview your print so you know its printing proper size. Click on it to get the full size and save it to print it.

If you are using the template please credit Glamorous Gamer Girls. We work hard for our cosplays and share our process so its easier for other people. It would be nice to be mentioned =).

Original skin Riven sword: The riven was already posted but I’ll re-post here in case anyone missed it


Original Diana Sword:


Original Katarina Sword: Might want to make the details a little nicer, just make the shape.  We used a dollarstore sword handle, and then made the blade from foamboard and spray foam.

KatTemplateThere are tutorials on this site to help you with creating these. These are materials we used. I have the fast overview of how we do our props with the templates –> Time-Lapse Bunny Riven Video. I wanted to post the Bunny Riven sword but I couldn’t find it DX.

Hope that helps anyone!



3 thoughts on “LoL Prop Templates: Riven, Diana and Katarina

  1. Hello, I have watched the video you posted on making the sword, but what did you use to cut out your pieces. You have such precise edges and I can’t seem to achieve the same effect. Thanx in advance.

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