DIY: Black with Ombre Sparkle Nails

Ombre has been very popular this past year…and still is! For 2013, ombre nails are the new trend. I personally love the look of ombre, sparkly nails because it is gives off a cute, fairy-like look. Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to achieve this look:

You will need:

  • Black nail polish
  • Make-up sponge
  • Silver, glitter nail polish

new years nails

1.  File and cut your nails to your desired length and shape. I personally like the rectangular, square look for my nails.

2.  Apply the black nail polish and allow to dry. **NOTE: Black nail polish can look quite messy at first, but don’t worry, you can clean off the edges later!

3.  Apply a bit of the sparkly nail polish onto the edge/corner of a makeup sponge and gently dab along the tip of your nails. **NOTE: It is important to concentrate most of the dabbing on the very ends of your nails first and slowly move up using the leftover polish on the sponge to ensure you have that faded, gradient look.

4. Apply a clear top coat so your nails lasts longer and you’re done!

P.S. This is a great look for New Years or a night out! 🙂


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