League of Legends New Year’s Masks Contest

Hello all!!

Long time no post. I’ve been completely sick, powerless and busy! Wanted to wait till I got the news but I’m lucky enough to get a chance to win RP from the New Year’s Masks Contest. The voting is here Please go to the link and vote for your favorite mask! Mine is my Shyvana cosplay with a new added dragon mask XD. Since a lot of people teased me about not transforming I made this mask! If you want to give me some love that would be great, but whatever you guys choose, everyone worked very hard.

maskI did make the mask after I found about the contest. I know there is a lot of unhappy people with their masks not being showcased and that’s upsetting! Some friends of mine also didn’t get their masks up ether and that sucks. I was thinking if I am able to snatch some RP, maybe people who didn’t get theirs showcased on League could get showcased on GGG! And a random person could be selected and I could give them a 1000rp skin or something XD. I don’t know, just a random thought! Doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to keep up with those other votes tho DX.

If anyone is interested, here is how I made the mask part. These steps are much like the other cosplay parts I’ve made. I first made a basic shape with card stock and masking tape.

Mask1After I used spray foam and cut the details using a exacto knife. The red marker just helped me with the guidelines :).

Mask2I used fast mache without paper mache since I didn’t have much time. Usually I would add paper mache to strengthen it a bit more.

Mask3After the fast mache was hardened I sanded it down and used plaster to fill out the holes and unevenness.

Mask5The last step was painting it and adding teeth and texture. I don’t have a picture of the last part but I have half of the paint job. It doesn’t look that great in this photo, but the final photo shows it better! After it was done I attached it to my helmet to make one massive mask!

Mask6That’s it! I hope you guys are also getting excited for the Pentakill Sona keyboard I’m working on! Here is a sneak peak.

Sona1If you guys are bummed about our low posts we have more action on our facebook page here.


6 thoughts on “League of Legends New Year’s Masks Contest

  1. Hi, Do you find that the hat slides off your head?
    Or do you spend time to balance it out?
    Or do you fix it to your head somehow – in other words, do you mount it on a baseball hat or something?

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