PentaKill Sona Keyboard Cosplay: Part 1

Hello Everyone.

If you are following our Facebook page, you already know I am currently working on a PentaKill Sona Keyboard order.

SonaSplashGGGHere are my steps, from beginning to paper mache. It’s pretty much the same as all my other stuff!

Step 1: Create the shape, draw it out/ trace on illustrator. Print it and then trace it! :

1SonaTracingGuidelines Step 2: Cut out the shapes and shape it. If you are doing a 3D shape add a height to help you build the spray foam. You can also slice the foam or bend it.

2SonaShapeFor the big base I used Styrofoam to save time and cutting. It doesn’t save money but definitely lighter and easier than stacking foam boards.


Step 3: Spray foam!

4SonaFoamStep 4: It might take two cans to fill all the holes, or build it up properly. Carve the shape!

5SonaFoamcutStep 5: This is when I put all of the parts together using glue and tape.

6FoamcutshapeStep 6: Make sure to use paper mache to secure the pieces together. Paper mache is underrated! It really helps strengthen props.

7SonaPaperMacheAll the parts aren’t on yet because I need to fast mache before adding more detail. I’m so excited, I think this is my best prop so far!! Excited to see it finished!

UPDATE: Here is the full process video:



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