Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Buffalo Sabres in Buffalo 2014

Hello GGG fans,

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Again, I’m sorry for taking so long to post. Haven’t had much to say in the creative department.

Recently, my boyfriend and I went to Buffalo to watch the Pittsburgh Penguins and Buffalo Sabres hockey game. It was a Christmas gift from “Santa” to my boyfriend. He’s one huge Penguins fan and this was his first Penguins game he’s ever seen live! Unfortunately, tickets to the Penguins vs Maple Leafs game were sold out so the next closest game available was in Buffalo. Here are some pictures from that event!


Decided to blog a collage of pictures. There were just too many to blog about lol.

The first few shots were just outside the Buffalo arena.

The Penguins started off slow but luckily, Zolnierczyk, my boy Crosby <3, Malkin, Gibbons, and Neal definitely picked it up in the second and third period; winning 5-1. It was a bit surprising finding so many Penguins fans there. We were kind of worried that we were going to get beaten up for cheering for the away team lol.


Here are some selfies with my boyfriend sporting our Penguins gear. Keep in mind, I’m only a fan by association lol.

Hoping to go to many other Penguins games! Glad they one this one for us 😀

Until next time…

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