Ebay Stocking Review


stockingsI just received my stockings from my-jewelry-home and I’m kind of disappointed. I kind of expected what I got considering its from China and it’s very cheap in price. The cat stockings came as expected, but the screen print is really noticeable compared to the images. The skeleton stockings came ripped? I’m positive it was already like that I put stockings on very carefully and I noticed the tear after. Even if it did happen when I put it on, it must have been super fragile because I put them on very carefully.

stock3The screen printing on the front was also poorly done. It’s not going to be seen anyways since I’ll wear a skirt with it, but its still unpleasant to see. I messaged the seller about these concerns so I’ll see how they reply.

stock2Here are the items on myself. Sorry the photos are kind of selfies and are not good photos XD. The bottom half of the skeleton looks pretty good. I wish the bones were a bit thicker, but I guess it would make my legs look bigger if it was. I’m content with this look. I’ll probably wear it with a cute skirt and cropped top.

stock5The top half looks like this. So, the screen print is off center but it’s OK. I don’t mind the look, but of course it looked better in the sellers image.

stock6The cat ones are really cute, but the screen print is so noticeable. I wish it matched just a little more. I expected and saw that it wasn’t matching from the sellers images, but still disappointing. Looks kind of silly, doesn’t it? I should have gotten the black ones so that the difference wasn’t as noticeable DX. You can also see that the cat ears are puckering a lot.

stock4My other Ebay order was from joinus2010, I was much happier with how these items were.
skullstock1The stockings are perfect. Came as expected except for the fresh screen print smell DX. I’m super happy with these!

SkullstocksThe rings I got were $1, so you can kind of image the quality of the rings. They feel and look very cheap but from far it makes a good accessory that’s cheap. The best ones from the set are the bow and knuckle rings. The nail, heart and skull one look kind of silly close up because its a bit deformed.

RingsAnyways, I’ll put an outfit together another time with these items and post it. I hope everyone has a great weekend. I will have the PentaKill Keyboard up soon as it is done and filmed! Just need to find the time to put it together.


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