The Walking Dead: Season 1 Game Review

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So I finally got around to purchasing and playing The Walking Dead Season 1 on PS3; released in 2012 and selling for a great price of $14.99 online. I found the game had smart story-telling and was very addictive. Here’s my little synopsis and rating of my experience in playing the game. I’ll be sure to try to leave out any spoilers for those who wish to play.


TheWalkingDeadGameplayThe Walking Dead consists of 5 episodes. The game is a third-player perspective online gameplay giving the player a range of choices that effect the protagonist’s personality and how other characters perceive him. The gameplay is very simple. The protagonist can look or interact with items and other characters provided with options of responses and even sometimes to choose the fate of one character over the other. The choices made effect the outcome of situations that occur later in the episodes. I find this one of the most interesting aspects of the game as you can play it over and over again possibly resulting in a different result every time. At the end of each episode a ranking appears of others percentile of the choices you made. Of course, any good zombie game has to have attacks against zombies and human enemies. At these times, the player may struggle against the zombie and may have to continuously require to press a certain button, or may be required to aim their cursor on the enemy and attack with a certain button, or sometimes play as a shooter.



Lee is the “Rick” of The Walking Dead Season 1 game becoming the hero. The player will follow Lee as a third-person perspective making his decisions and interactions throughout the episodes. *spoiler* He is first introduced in the back of a police car presumably meeting his fate in prison where a car accident results in his first encounter with “walkers”. He then meets a young girl named Clementine who becomes a father-figure for her *end spoiler*. Though not directly stated, he is seen as the leader of the groups he encounters throughout the episodes being looked to for the difficult choices.




The graphics are not – what I feel – the best graphics. For a comparison, they are not as detailed as The Last of Us however I feel that they stay more truer to the graphic novels. As you can see the detail of the characters are fairly dull compared to the stuff we’re used to nowadays. That I feel can perhaps have a little more work on them to make them feel more realistic especially for gamers like myself who like to get scared while playing. Then again, in the end it’s not about graphics but about story-telling. I will have to say that some of their closer looks at the “walkers” look a bit more detailed which is good. Keeps the game a little more jumpy 🙂


Sometimes I felt the buttons were a little too sensitive. Like when aiming your cursor and attempting to interact with the character or item it doesn’t always go the way that you want it to. One time specifically – my boyfriend and I had to look it up and we found that others had the same experience – Lee will encounter a situation where he will have to calm a character down. When demanded to stop by the character, Lee continued to step forward with no choices given and would get shot and end with “you’re dead”. It was about the 25th time before we were able to figure that the cursor must be placed directly at the character’s stomach for other choices to appear. Plus, we changed controllers. I think our controller has been over used and the analog is getting stuck lol. No matter, this was one of the most difficult parts to overcome as the game required to have the player place the cursor on a specific spot before giving the player choices.

Above is the trailer of The Walking Dead: Season 1 game

My overall rating: 8/10

I hope you guys get the chance to play. I really enjoyed it! I’m on to The Walking Dead: 400 Days and The Walking Dead: Season 2!

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