Popstar Ahri Cosplay

Hey GGG Readers,

It’s that time of year again, cosplay time!  Anime North is only 2.5 weeks away and I haven’t had time to post my progress yet.  This year I’ll be going as Popstar Ahri from League of Legends.

To be honest, I was debating whether to cosplay this year.  There have been a few huge changes in my life this year, as well as a huge life event later in this year that I am planning for.  I literally have no time, so my compromise was that I was going to try and buy most of my cosplay this year.  So I apologize in advance for the lack of tutorials this year 😦

** Note the tails were made by the amazing Miss Bunnie.  Please check out her cosplay work here.

This will be mostly pictures of my progress and materials:



Testing out wig, hat, ears and contacts.


Tails were made for me by the wonderful Miss Bunnie. Check out her page here:


Painting base coat of fabric paint onto hat


Silver glitter fabric paint




Thanks for reading!


— Cutesauce


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