Making Horns with Worbla

Hello everyone!

Some of you may or may not have seen my Tryndamere cosplay. This post is about how I made my horns from Worbla. One thing that I have learnt from using Worbla is that you always need something to guide it, or help shape it.

I started off with a base of the shape of the horn I wanted. I created small strips and sliced it so that it would curve.

TrynHornsI attached the strip so that I could have a reference for when I carved the spray foam.

TrynHorns2Once i had the shape with the foam, then I finally used the worbla. I covered the spray foam holes with masking tape so it wouldn’t sink into the holes. I added extra worbla in the center to create more detail in the horns.

TrynHorns3Once the shape was settled I drew the details of the lines and use scraps of worbla to add the details on it.

TrynHorns4Once everything was done I simply just attached it to the helmet!

TrynHornsFinalJust make sure you have worbla wrapped around the base so it has a strong hold and stays on the helmet. Hope that helps anyone trying to make horns with worbla!



7 thoughts on “Making Horns with Worbla

  1. I saw you at anime north too. ๐Ÿ™‚ looked everywhere for you on Saturday during the LoL shoot and finally managed to find you and your Ashe on Sunday. So happy I got a picture ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Aww Thanks! Yeah, we were just coming in at 2pm, and by the time we had everything on it was too late, but that’s great you still found us! If you have a link of the picture lmk! If not no worries!

      • I would think so, too, but the thing is, I usually do not have enough means to create costumes as nice as yours (money value here is different) and am not able to attend cosplays other than the annual Halloween and Christmas celebrations/contests. I’ll keep exploring your blog, though, for more ideas especially for my soon-to-be kids ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I messaged you on youtube that I was going as a male Diana and I managed to see you at Anime North but didn’t say hi cause I was looking for a Female Tryndamere wearing a Warrior Kingdoms Trynd armour because in the video you posted the armour was yellow >.<! But that was before paint…Even though I saw a female Trynd i didn't say hi lol..Your costume looked GREAT! Loved it! Wanted to get a picture of us but yeah I failed. At least we have the gender bend group photo lol! Anyway! Take care!

    • No worries! Naha Yeah when I showed it on video I should have mentioned that it wouldn’t painted yet, it was just the Worbla. I knew who you were :P. Just smiled cause I thought you might be shy. Are you going to fan expo? I will be going there! Going to fix up my costume a bit.

      Do you know where we can get those photos from Sunday?

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