Pinky Paradise Aqua & Blue Contact Review

Hello Everyone,

Just doing a small contact review for contacts I ordered from Pinky Paradise. I was mostly please with the contacts I purchased for the Ashe and Tryndamere cosplay.

EOS Dolly Eye Blue

Dollyeyeblue I was very happy with how bright these blue contacts were on dark eyes. They are great for the Ashe cosplay because it’s icy and extremely bright in photos and in person. From what I’ve heard you do see a lot of blue in your vision, but I think that is for my contacts in my experience.

Venus Eye Aqua

VenuseyeaquaI was decently happy with the Venus Eye Aqua lens. I’d say that its more of a turquoise then aqua because you see more green in it. The colour was very nice on my eye and didn’t turn out dark like most greens or blues. It is a bit darker than on their website photos, but it wasn’t far off. I was pretty happy with it because I needed a turqoise for my Tyndamere and it was pretty much the only one that looked decent online. I think he has more of a light eye colour but I couldn’t find anything close to it, and this was the next best thing. The weird thing about the contact is that the colour kind of looks different in every photo or lighting. Here is another photo of me where you can see that it can seem dark and more green in some photos.

DarkvenuseyeHope that helps anyone looking at these contacts!


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