Mehron Cosmetic Ink Review

Back in May, I cosplayed as Janna from League of Legends.


I had wanted to get Janna’s tattoo henna-ed on to my shoulders, but I didn’t want something that would stay on my skin for around 2 weeks. Makeup was out of the question as sweat/rubbing will smudge the design and it would fade throughout the day regardless. So I ended up opting for no tattoo in the end since I thought that was better than possibly having an unidentifiable smudge on my shoulders.

However, with Fan Expo coming up around the end of August, I’ve been on the lookout for any alternative to henna that would be easily removable but also would not smudge or fade throughout the day like regular makeup would. During my search, Face Paint contacted me to review a product they carry on their site: Mehron Henna-Style cosmetic ink, retailing for $6.75/bottle.


Cosmetic ink, compared to henna, is much more versatile and forgiving, especially for a beginner to use. It’s removable with rubbing alcohol (I used 95%), so any mistakes can be easily corrected. The bottle may seem small (conatins 15mL of product), however, a little goes a long way. When using cosmetic ink, you don’t want to use too much as it will crease. It’s better to use a little at a time and if needed, build the color slowly as each layer dries. Attached to the cap is a plastic rod that helps you get product out of the bottle.


I didn’t have any small paint brushes, so I decided to test it with an old eyeliner brush that I was no longer using. I decided to try a simple shape on my wrist.


Sorry for the lack of creativity =P, I mainly just wanted to test how well the paint applied to skin, it’s consistency, how fast it dried, and how well it stays on the skin.

  • easy of application: 4/5 – overall very easy to use, only difficulties I had was when trying to apply a very light layer for a lighter color, I found it hard to get an even color, but this could be due to the brush i was using.
  • consistency: 5/5 – the ink itself is smooth and has the consistency like that of a very thick liquid foundation. There were no separation of colors or ingredients (like how nail polish would separate)
  • quick to dry: 5/5 – dried around in a couple of minutes. Since the ink dries fairly fast, it’s crucial to regularly clean the brush with rubbing alcohol to prevent buildup of ink on the brush.
  • staying power: 5/5 – after it dried, I tried smudging it while dry, smudging while wet, and washing with soap. I was very surprised it stayed on my skin without budging one bit, yet when I used a cotton pad soaked with rubbing alcohol, it would come off fairly easily.

Overall I’d give this product a 4.5/5. It does exactly what I needed it to and is generally very easy to use. I will definitely be using this the next time I cosplay Janna at Fan Expo! Can’t wait! XD


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