Tera Online computer crash/restart problem and solution


I wanted to post this a while back but got too lazy -_-. As some of you may know I played TeraOnline for the outfits and fun ^ ^.


I actually had an issue before I started playing Tera. I would play for 10 minutes or at best 20 mins at a time, and then it would restart or freeze up my whole computer. I knew it wasn’t my computer or internet because all other games worked perfectly. I research a lot and didn’t find any solution to my problem, except possibilities that my computer was over heating. I cleaned it out completely and it didn’t help. When I used the CPUID HWMonitor program It didn’t show that my computer was overheating.

Then we tried using MSI AFTERBURNER booster to change the core clock. I brought it down to -196 and ever since everything works smoothly! So it seems that my computer is set to overclock, so I have to slow it down a bit. It’s not a big deal because I don’t notice any issues in game. If you don’t have MSI, you can try any other programs to slow down your computers core clock.

MSIHope this helps anyone! I don’t understand completely how it works and stuff, but at least this works for some reason.




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