CocoRocha at FanExpo 2014

ConventioncosplaybannerHello everyone!!! See my schedule above! The Shyvana might not happen but I’m hoping it will work out!

This week is very busy for me. I’m fixing up the Sona prop making it more con-friendly for Ashavari. I don’t have a lot of time but I’m trying to fix up all of the above cosplays, just a few minor adjustments:

  • The Umbreon cosplay – I just want to re-cut the circles in craft foam
  • The Tryndamere cosplay – fix sword, fix breastplate, add leather details, fix skirt make leather cuffs
  • The Janna cosplay – Fix staff, add more embellishments, hem skirt
  • The Shyvana – Dust it and repaint some areas

Hope to see some of you guys there!!!


One thought on “CocoRocha at FanExpo 2014

  1. Wow, I’m really impressed! So far, I’ve only done cosplays in the office at our parties. And wearing a Stitch beanie hat was the nearest I’ve gotten to cosplaying in public (LOL!!!)

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