Back to Aion: Steel Cavalry

Hello GGG Readers!

It has been TOO long ever since my last post. My new work schedule is weird so I don’t get to play a lot with friends, so I play alone in the day time. And, I go to bed when other stay up to play games. Furthermore, I also work on weekends so that doesn’t give me any advantage whatsoever.

However, after finishing “Sleeping Dog” – great story by the way… If I drove around more enough, I can probably drive around in Hong Kong in real life, for realz.

I’ve been looking for MMORPG to play, because I’m taking a break from “Blade & Soul” and “Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn”. One of my friend suggested Guild Wars 2, I may be getting it when they go on sale. So, my friend suggested going back to Aion or try Mabinogi. Mabinogi is really famous in Korea, the graphics reminded me of the first Ragnarok, the controls were harder. The characters are ridiculously cute. But, I do think I’m done with that sort of games(?) I didn’t really feel like getting into it.

Though, Aion did make a lot of changes such as towns and teleporting. You had to discover first in order to fly to that area, but now you can just fly over. *SPOILER ALERT*

One of the coolest change is new class: Technist, which you can change to either Gunslinger or Aethertech (riding robots) at level 10. I’m trying out gunslinger right now because I love DPS (I don’t care what people say).

I am enjoying Aion at the moment, waiting for Archeage to release (couldn’t get the beta). Enjoy some screenshots that I took 😉

Aion0000 Aion0002

^ Jumping


^ Sitting on a carpet now! it hovers tooAion0005 Aion0006You can get the penguin costume when you do event staff (which I think is done?), all you gotta do is click the event staff lady in the town and say accept. No need to kill a mob or talk to other NPC, you get XP and rewards right away. The penguin costume gave me extra HP and XP for an hour. I had 5 and used them all.

The corn costume is actually useless because you can’t attack mobs… you’re just a corn lol

ps. besides aion, my game life has been all over the place. I’ve been playing “Grand Theft Auto IV”, “King of Fighters”, and “Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate NInja Storm 3: Full Blast”

I play GTA-IV to do stupid sh*t so I can have a good laugh, and the arcade games are good for stress relief… but sometimes you become more stressed when you cant beat them.

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