Bridal Shower Brunch (Bachelorette Party)

Hello GGG Readers!

Good News! One of my friend is getting married soon, she said she might not be able to invite all of us to the wedding because it might be a family thing or destination wedding. So, her maid of honour planned a bridal shower to count it as bachelorette party. We just had brunch buffet together at Old Mills Restaurant, it was my first time there. I know one of my other friend had a wedding there, it’s quite a place there. It has like everything – restaurant, spa, hotel, wedding garden, etc.

She (maid of honour) planned a lot than expected (I heard she bought these from a party store – including custom made helium balloon).

bridal shower3 bridal shower4 bridal shower5

Their food wasn’t that great but their salad bar and dessert bar awesome. We didn’t enjoy the red velvet cake so much cuz it tasted like sweetness with red food colouring. too bad juice isn’t included in the brunch menu, coffee and tea only.

We reserved upstairs which had privacy so that was awesome.

After our meal, we took more photos outdoor because their place is for events as well. It’s such a lovely place.

bridal shower2 bridal shower9

For this event, I did some last minute shopping. The one-piece dress was about $54 (sale) at Express, and shoes for $69.99 (sale) at Town Shoes.

bridal shower6

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