Heartseeker Vayne Makeup

Vayne’s retro 50’s glasses inspired me to draw an exaggerated black cat eye with full red lips. I contoured my nose into a thin line and created equally thin, high brow arches to alter my ethnic features. It’s never too late to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Do you use holiday skins out of season?

Ultimecia FFVIII Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

Ultimecia is the primary antagonist in Final Fantasy VIII. Facially, she is androgynous like Seymour Guado from FFX or Trance Kuja from FFIX. In fact, I first mistook the evil sorceress for a man before taking a closer look at the plunging dress. I believe that Ultimecia’s makeup acts as a foil to Rinoa’s cuteness. The…

Nidalee II Cosplay Makeup

Nearly a year has passed since I last filmed Nidalee. This time, I aimed for a rugged aesthetic that reflects her primal instincts.  I did not portray Nidalee as a conventional beauty queen or your typical girl-next-door.  The contouring is harsh. Brows are untamed. Something in those eyes suggests that the hunter is not entirely human.