DoTA2 Drow Ranger Makeup

This is my first DoTA-related makeup video. I used Graftobian creme paints which worked way better than the $2 grease paints from Party City last year. However, it still took a bit of practice. The Graftobian solvent/solute powders are easier to use than the cremes in my opinion.

Yuffie FFVII Advent Children Makeup

This was a fun Halloween tutorial. Looking back, I wish that I had worn mascara on the bottom lashes. The golf balls are supposed to represent materia but ping pong balls would have been better. However, filming this video was very fun!

Orianna II Makeup

This was my first attempt. The strips of doily made wrinkling the forehead difficult.  I should have incorporated gold into the silver body paint. This second attempt allows for a larger range of facial movement. Brighter circle lenses would have made the eyes more interesting. Orianna is a fun character! Perhaps I will create a full-body…

Akali Mask and Eye Makeup

I will be gradually uploading old videos with additional written commentary. Components: flu mask, eye shadows, Graftobian Mixing fluid When many people envision Akali, they imagine a ninja who wears a mask and no makeup. This was my belief until I took a closer look at the classic NA splash art. Riot did an excellent…

Grim Reaper Karthus Cosplay Makeup

Hello everyone, it’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is “Makeup Disguises” on YouTube. This year I have been juggling League of Legends, DoTA2, Ragnarok Online, and Tera. I enjoy painting faces. However, I’m not very good with weapons, armor, or textiles. Fortunately the other writers at GGG have much to teach me. I’m…