Halloween 2012: Boss-Emily’s Costumes

Hey guys! For Halloween, I usually try to put together my own costumes to eliminate having duplicate costumes with someone else. Sometimes it helps save money too because you can reuse parts of your costume again or for regular use. Here are my costumes for this year’s Halloween:

1.  Prisoner Costume:

My prisoner’s outfit

  • Geometric Black and White Dress: from Urban Outfitters
  • White bandana: from Walmart
  • Sheer, black thigh-high socks: from Walmart
  • Prisoner Sign: printed it out myself! Can you guess what the numbers signify? 😉
  • Handcuffs: from Value Village
  • Black DV Wedges

Black and white geometric dress from Urban Outfitters

Handcuffs from Value Village

Where’s Waldo?

2.  Darth Vader Costume:

My Darth Vader costume

  • Red Light Saber with Light: from Walmart (can shorten and lengthen)
  • Darth Vader Mask: from Toys “R” Us
  • Simple Black Leather Gloves
  • Black Cape with Hood: homemade
  • Sheer, Black Corset with Garter Belts: from Victoria’s Secret (I wore this for my prisoner’s costume as well and attached it my thigh high socks)
  • Black Faux Leather leggings: from Aldo

Red Light Saber from Walmart
Darth Vader mask from Toys “R” Us
Black leather gloves
Black cape with hood

Sheer, black corset from Victoria’s Secret
Black Faux Leather leggings from Aldo

Back in the Day: 90’s Halloween @6 Degrees


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