How To Remove A Piercing Bump

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 As most of you know from a previous post, in April this year I got my tragus and conch pierced. Since then I unfortunately accumulated a bump on both. I’m still struggling with my bumps but in research, I have tried some methods that I’ve both benefitted and not benefitted from. I hope that my experience will help you with any difficult aberrations you may have developed from a piercing.

 Keep in mind, everyone’s skin type is different so my results may not be the same as yours!


How a bump forms: Bumps are formed by a tear in the healing tissue around the piercing. The tear can be caused by aggressive handling of the piercing through clothing tugs, aggressive cleaning, etc. From research bumps are normal and very common. Even with the best cleaning bumps still can form. The bump is there to attempt to remove the piercing out of the tissue as it is a foreign object.

3 months after the piercing after the bumps formed

Saline Solution: This is the #1 recommended healing solution to use for a piercing especially when in the first few months. Pour 1/8 teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt rocks into a cup of warm water. Keep healing tissue in water for 5 – 10 mins. Do this 2 – 3 times a day. Rinse your piercing from any residue.

You can apply a sodden tissue/cloth of the saline solution on your piercing if it is too difficult to hold the cup to the piercing. I recommend crushing the sea salt rocks to better mix with the water. Also the water should be rather hot to gain the best results.

Tea Tree Oil: Dab a bit of tea tree oil with a cotton swab around the piercing hole about 4 times a week. For some skin types, tea tree oil is considered strong so you can also mix the oil with water. Do not rinse the oil off.

For myself, this solution helped reduce the bump in the beginning but after a while the bump remained and returned to its previous size. It is possible that the tea tree oil became too strong and in fact irritated the bumps rather than helped it.

Chamomile Tea Bags: Soak the chamomile tea bag in warm water and soak your piercing in the tea for 5 -10 mins a day. Rinse off any remaining residue.

After trying a whole box of chamomile tea bags, this solution had no effect on my bumps.

Non-Coated Aspirin, Sea Salt, and Tea Tree Oil: Grind non-coated Aspirin (if you cannot find non-coated Aspirin you can easily use chewable tablets) and sea salt rocks together. Mix the solids with tea tree oil and water. You can choose to just mix with tea tree oil if you find your skin responds well to it or just use water if you don’t have tea tree oil or find that you may be allergic. The mix will form a grindy paste. Place the paste on the bump for 60 seconds and rinse off excess residue. Do this 1 – 2 times daily.

This method was given to me by a piercing expert from Piercing and Tattoo parlour Adrenaline. I’ve been using this solution for the past week and it has been the best result I’ve had so far. In a matter of days my bumps had reduced considerably and kept them the same reduced size ever since. 

After a week of trying non-coated Aspirin, sea salts and tea tree oil

If the bump persists or increases in size after trying these methods you may be allergic to the metal piercing. You can choose to use a new piercing material or you may have to remove the piercing completely.

I hope that my research and experience helps you!

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41 thoughts on “How To Remove A Piercing Bump

    • Sorry about the delay. You can change it… I changed mine to a bioplast piercing however there is a possibility of infection. You may want to confirm with your doctor

  1. ive had my double cartilage done for 2 months and a bit now and my Tragus for a month almost 2 (on the opposite ear) and my cartilages have hoops so they get caught on everything A LOT and the bottom one has a bump on the front and the back and the top one has a slight bump and the bottom one is still quite sore. My tragus has a bump on either side, just wondering what is the best remedy to use and how long will it be before they are gone? Thanks x

    • Sorry about the delay. For myself, it’s all experimental. Like in my blog, the best result was the crushed Aspirin, sea salt, and tea tree oil.

  2. I tried everything already just purchased Tea Tree Oil today I have a tragus Piercing and After I put some tea tree oil my itchyness went away and it is kind of swollent

    • I apologize for replying so late. I’m glad your itchiness is gone. If it’s swelling because of the tea tree oil discontinue and speak to your doctor.

    • If your like me and nothing else works for you try rubbing alcohol. The first few months after you get your piercing, do sea salt soaks once a day or wash your piercing in the shower with unscented soap gently, applying neosporin or another antibiotic ointment. After a couple or few months your piercing should be closed enough to where when you apply the alcohol it don’t sting. Try this once a day this time without the antibiotic ointment. Once you see your keloid is gone and you have scarring reapply the antibiotic ointment.

  3. I tried everything already just purchased Tea Tree Oil today I have a tragus Piercing and After I put some tea tree oil my itchyness went away and it is kind of swollen

  4. If I use the asprin, sea salt and water do you put it just on the bump or actually where your ear is pierced? I have to buy the tea tree oil tomorrow.

  5. I’ve had my forward helix for 2 months now and all was great until a couple of days ago. I woke up with the dreaded bump. 😦 I’ve been using sea salt soaks, tea tree oil, and crushed aspirin paste. As for now not much of a change but its no bigger either, so that’s good. I have a ring in as of now. Does anyone recommend I change to a bar bell? Also any success stories with the treatments I mentioned? How long did it take to go away? 🙂

    • The crushed aspirin is my best solution. It took me about a month or 2 to completely get rid of the bump. Another thing is you may be allergic to the metal of the piercing. I switched mine to bioplast. It works for me. Again, if it’s still unsuccessful see your doctor.

  6. you can also see a dermatologist and get cortisone injection in the bump. It hurts like a mother but in 2 days my keloid was gone. I had one inside my ear and the outside of my tragus piercing.

  7. I got a conch piercing around December 23 and it hasn’t been healing well at all. It was doing okay until two days ago I got an even bigger bump on it and now I’m really scared HELP PLEASE!!

    • Have you attempted any of these solutions? As mentioned in my post my conch piercing was successful with the crushed Advil and Tea Tree Oil and remained consistent. I continued this for almost 4-6mths to make sure it didn’t come back. If you have tried these methods and it was what caused your bigger bump try water as a substitute to Tea Tree Oil as you may be allergic. If that still doesn’t help please see a doctor!

  8. Mine is up to a year now and I have removed the earrings due to pains and the bumps are growing into size what do I do

  9. I’ve had a keloid on my stomach & stomach surface from two belly ring piercings. I recently purchased the tea tree oil 2 weeks ago & just started using it last week. I will have had these keloid for a year this June. Do you think it will still be able to get rid of them?

    • Hello,

      After a year, this process may not be as successful. You can simply try it for a month but if you don’t see any results you may want to consult a doctor or simply remove the piercing if you haven’t done so already. Keloids after a certain amount of time may require surgical removal. I really hope though that my method helps you.


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    • I apologize for the delayed reply but I’m glad that my experience worked well for you. Of course, you can like our page and tag or URL. I’m hoping to get a new piercing. Hopefully, I won’t have to be doing the same lol. Thanks again!

  11. Hi, I’m doing research on the bumps that appeared a month after I got my industrial piercing. I’ve just started to use the tea tree oil so I don’t know if it would work for me. However, I’ve noticed that you called your bumps keloids. Keloids don’t stop growing until they are surgically removed. The bumps that we have are hypertrophic scarring, they don’t extend past the original scar as keloids do. Hypertrophic scarring usually occurs on cartilage piercings.

    • It was completely gone in less than a month as long as I stayed consistent and I didn’t accidentally tug on the piercing. I saw amazing results after a week or so 🙂

      • I see you got rid of yours very easily congrats 🙂 . Unfortunately mine is making any effort to leave

  12. Just wanted to let you know, in your saline solution category you mentioned “iodized sea salt.” i think you meant “de-iodized sea salt,” as using iodized sea salt around your piercings will cause severe irritation and probably infection also. (I have several piercings and a background in chemistry.)

    • LOL oh thanks for letting me know. I did this post late last night and didn’t reread what I wrote. Thanks for the notice. I changed it now 😀

  13. I tried tea tree oil as part of my skincare routine and it destroyed my skin! It makes me wince when I look at videos that were filmed during that period. Nice that you found a formula that works for the bumps.

    • Yeah, tea tree oil is real strong so it can end up just irritating it. My cousin said it worked for her at first and then she got allergic.

      What did you use it for? A piercing?

      • Cystic acne exploded all over my face. I ended up seeing a dermatologist which has really helped. There is a small bump from a piercing on my left ear but it seems to be alright (for now).

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