Miss Fortune Cosplay Part 1

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Anime North 2013 is fast approaching, and as predicted I am procrastinating on my cosplay. LOL.  I’ll be going as Miss Fortune from League of Legends this year.  So far I have my wig, my contacts, started on my guns and top/shirt.  Still have a lot to do and not enough time!  In this post I want to share with you how I am making my guns.

Wig and Contacts

Lets start off with a preview of my wig and contact lenses.  I just got my contacts from PinkyParadise.com.  They are the Vassen Bambi Queen Blue circle lenses.

Miss Fortune Wig and Contacts

Miss Fortune Wig and Contacts


I started off by making my guns similar to my Riven cosplay props.  I started with layers of foam board, with the intent of covering with instant paper mache.  Please see my link for more details.  After finishing the base of the first gun, I decided to stop this method and make my guns out of wood.  I decided on this for a couple reasons.  First I wanted my weapon to be a bit more sturdy than last year’s, and I think I am able to make it look better and provide a smoother surface to paint on with wood.  I will be sharing both methods for you, as I know a lot of you cosplayers out there may not have the equipment or time to do wood work.

Foam Method:

1)   First I bought foam board from the dollar store.  Each board was $1 each I believe.

2)   I traced out the basic shape of my gun and cut the foam board out with an exacto knife.

3)   I bought a pylon from the dollar store and cut off the base to give me a cone.  This cone I used as the opening of the gun.  I traced the pylon onto the foam boards.  I then cut out this shape so that the pylon would fit nicely onto the end of the gun.

4)   I cut out many layers and glued them together to my desired thickness.  Some layers I cut off the trigger part, so that this part would be thinner than the others.  The barrel layers (outer most layers) did not include the handle.

5)   This is where I stopped, but to continue you would shape the gun by carving it with an exacto knife.  This would give it more of a rounder shape.

6)   Cover the gun in instant paper mache (Purchased from Michael’s craft store for approximately $30.00.  Remember to use your coupons!)

7)   Let the instant paper mache dry.  Do not make the layers too thick as they might not dry completely.  Add more layers if necessary.

8)   Sand the paper mache down and paint.

Please see our other tutorials on how to finish your weapons.




Wood Method:

1)   Trace gun shape onto wood board.

2)   Cut out shape.  I used a small table like saw to cut out my guns.

3)   Wood can be a bit more heavy than foam, so to make my guns a little lighter I hollowed out the inside layers a bit.  Be very careful to not go all the way through the wood.  I used a hammer and a chisel to do this.

4)    Use wood glue to glue together the layers.  I used two layers of wood for the handle and base of gun.  I added an additional two layers (rectangular shaped) to the barrel, and a few additional pieces to the end of the gun so that it can be sanded flush with the end funnel.

5)    I bought a plastic pot from the dollar store to use as the end of my guns.  This turned out to be a perfect size.

6)   I used a sanding tool attached to an air compressor to sand down my gun and make the barrel more rounded.

Still to do:

– Attach plastic pot to the end- Finish sanding
– Adding Trigger area
– Using wood filler to fill in gaps
– Painting
– Adding detailed designs

Basic shape cut out

Basic shape cut out

Hollowing out the guns

Hollowing out the guns

Glued together

Glued together

With the end piece

With the end piece

Sanded and rounded

Sanded and rounded

Rounded barrel view

Rounded barrel view

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and stay tuned for more updates on my cosplay progress.  I should have a tutorial on my top shortly as well.
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